Irish Paediatric Association Annual Meeting 2021
Friday 3 December 2021

Conference Secretariat: Sinead Cassidy
9A Coolkill
Dublin 18
Tel: (01) 295 8859
Fax: (01) 295 8869


ANNUAL MEETING, Friday 3 December 2021

All abstracts must be submitted via online submission system by 5.00pm on
Wednesday 6 October.

An acknowledgement email will be sent from the online submission website along with a reference number. Late abstracts cannot be accepted after this time, regardless of the circumstances as Sinead does not have
access to this system.

To submit an abstract please log onto:

Abstract title: All titles must be CAPITALS. The maximum number of words allowed in the
title is 20.

Abstract text: The Abstract should be as informative and concise as possible.
Word count is limited to 300 (excluding title, name of authors, departments, institutions,
references). Abstracts with excess word count will be returned / rejected.

Abstracts should use the following structured format: Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusion

Only abstracts written in English will be reviewed. Ensure correct spelling and grammar prior
to submission. Trainees / students are advised to obtain supervisor?s revision and approval
prior to submission.

Tips: Some special characters might get misaligned / lost during the copy & paste process.
Please follow instructions on website for instructions on this.

Please ensure correct email address of the authors to aid notification of acceptance. Kindly
update your email address with IPA administrator.

Please note the following ? by submitting an abstract to IPA you agree the following:

1. Confirm that you have previewed this abstract and that all information is correct. You
accept that the content of this abstract cannot be modified or corrected after final submission
and you are aware that it will be published exactly as submitted.

2. Submission of your abstract to IPA meeting constitutes your consent to publication (e.g.
conference website, printed programmes and abstract publication as a journal supplement)

3. Please ensure that the contact details saved in the online submission system are those of
the corresponding author, who will be notified about the status of the abstract. The
corresponding author is responsible for informing the other authors about the status of the
abstract. Contact details will be used by IPA for communications related to IPA activities /
those of related professional societies.

4. Should your abstract be accepted for presentation Oral/Poster, please note that your
abstract will not be presented at the IPA meeting without author registration for the event.